August 15th

Well I have been Missing in Action again for a couple of months, again I doubt I have been missed. Major changes have happened in the household which have meant I have lost my sewing room for the foreseeable future. I have now taken over the bay window area of the front room into which, luckily, my desk just fits!

This has slowed my sewing down a little, but I have still been able to complete a few projects.

I still don’t have photos of the granddaughters wearing their dresses. I embroidered my sister a similar jacket to mine but this time I made the roses a deeper pink and I think it looked better.

I have been busy over the last couple of weeks getting back into the swing of things.

First item on the agenda was a shirred sun dress, made from jersey, a very stretchy jersey. It was bought online from Girl Charlee fabrics whilst on special, I probably would not have bought it if I had felt it first. I did not use a pattern for this dress, just sort of made it up as I went along. I have made several of these over the years but this was the first time I have used jersey. The straps still need a little work as they are too stretchy at the moment.
Shirred Aztec
For this dress I used a lettuce hem for the top edge and the hem. I thought it finished the dress off rather nicely.

Next I moved onto making a new bag for myself, back in July I spent a lovely few days in Abergavenny in Wales for my birthday with my husband, his brother and his wife. There was a lovely fabric shop in the the main street, I couldn’t have planned it better myself but I had nothing to do with booking a hotel about 100 yards from the fabric shop! The shop is Black Mountain Fabric and I found some beautiful fabric which my photo does not do justice to, all the leaves are edged in silver glitter, a nightmare because it goes everywhere but looks beautiful. I also came across my first vinyl/pleather. I am not sure which it is, it is like a very thick balloon type rubber with a fabric backing, it does have a little bit of stretch. I am really pleased with the way my bag came out. The pattern is the Conference Tote from So Sew Easy. This was the first bag I made almost 2 years ago, I made four for Christmas presents but never got round to making one for myself. It is a great pattern because it comes with a step by step video, which for a complete beginner like myself was a godsend. To finish off my bag I made a ginger stuffy from memories in thread as a bag charm, I think he sets it off a treat

Next I moved onto a v necked t shirt. This was a pattern from a class I took on Craftsy. Sewing with Knits 5 wardrobe essentials. I did learn a lot from the class but help was nonexistent! This is the v neck version with the added cuffs at the waist and sleeves.V neck Tee.

Finally yesterday I finished another dress. I am going on holiday with the darts girls in a little over 3 weeks and this dress will be ideal for evenings but is casual enough to wear during the day too. I found the fabric at my local fabric store it was only £4 a metre so would have been a crime to have left it there 🙂
It is slightly sheer, so had plans in my head for a floaty long dress, then found I could not find a pattern anywhere/ so it was back to the drawing board and a bit of lateral thinking. I am not good enough to completely draught my own patterns from scratch but can adapt an existing pattern, mostly successfully and this is what I did in this case. I thought if I started with an elongated tank top for modesty, with a floaty over dress and this is what I came up

This is the pattern I used came from here
I narrowed the pattern to just skim my hips for the lining and lengthened the pattern for the outer fabric. The lining fabric is quite thick and did cause problems threading through the shoulder straps, if there is a next time i will make the straps a little wider.

So you can see I have been busy whilst I have been away and I haven’t even mentioned the shawl I am knitting, maybe more on that next time.

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